College Career Catalyst

Increase ethnic minority graduation rates at your academic institution.

Is your academic institution looking to increase the recruitment, retention and graduation rates of ethnic minority students? College Career Catalyst can help!

By 2040, the majority of college age students 18-24 years old will be ethnic minorities. If colleges and universities want to appeal to this growing demographic, academic leaders must demonstrate that care is being taken to create a climate and culture of inclusion. Beyond this, they must also show that the personal development and the varying needs of the under-represented student are being met.

The College Career Catalyst program offered by DT Global Enterprises was designed with ethnic minority students in mind. The developers have worked extensively with students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have addressed issues that negatively affect graduation rates. Our first-hand experience in these areas allows us to effectively relate to students who are struggling or have a tendency to give up on the idea of graduation.

Our program is flexible enough to assist students whose backgrounds may not have promoted the idea of higher education and still address those students who have high aspirations but simply feel out of place in a culture outside of their own. Our programs can accommodate small groups and larger class sizes.

If your academic institution is trying to increase ethnic minority recruitment, retention and graduation rates? DT Global Enterprises and the College Career Catalyst program can help!

Learn College Survival skills and thrive in college

Many people begin their college career with the idea that the only goal of going to college is simply to graduate. However, what you do during this unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience will have an impact on your personal and professional life for many years to come.

The topics that are taught as part of the College Career Catalyst program will prepare participants for critical areas like Understanding College Culture, Integration, Networking and many more vitally important college survival skills.

DT Global Enterprises and the College Career Catalyst program will provide practical tips on how to thrive in the academic environment and maximize your academic performance.

Work with a mentor

57% of business leaders surveyed by USA Today say less than half of today's college graduates have the full set of skills and knowledge necessary to advance in today’s workplace including: Communication and Intercultural competencies

Receive clear and consistent information through the College Career Catalyst program about institutional requirements that will help you understand the roadmap to completion and success in college.

If you want to get the most out of your college career, contact the professionals at College Career Catalyst!